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FAQ and Why Sell Safely

How long will my ads run on the site?
All ads remain on the for 60 days before being automatically removed.
The seller also has the option to remove the ad after the product or service has been sold.
If you haven't sold your item after 60 days; You can republish it with more detailed information about products or services, better images and a competitive price (you can compare your article with similar articles published on the site).
You can always update your ad 7 days after publication so that it appears at the top of the page.

Can users see my personal information?
Contact name - This is the name you want to display in your ads.
Phone number: very important for users to contact you
Your email address will not be disclosed. Buyers can contact you directly by direct message without seeing this information.

Why are you requesting my postal address?
The postal address is not a required field; however, we do request the postal address so that the buyer easily knows where the item is located.
Remember that you can only add the street of your address or the city of the state. Your house number is not required.

How can sellers contact me?
You can contact a seller who is promoting a product by using the number provided next to the seller's name or by sending them a direct message.
The seller will receive your message and respond to you by phone or via the message you received.
As you browse the site, you will find a variety of products and services. Browse the listings, choose the item you want, and contact the seller.
* Please note that once you are satisfied with the item you want, be sure to meet in a public place. Please inspect the item carefully before purchasing and pay only after you receive it.

How to contact the seller?
It is easy! Click on the ad
On the right of the window you will find the user information. You can contact him by phone or private message. Enter the message you want to send, your name, email address, and phone number. Once you have completed the form, click "Send a message"

How to buy safely?
Always meet with the seller in a safe place and inspect the item before purchasing. Following this rule will help you avoid most scams.
This is also valid for the rental of houses.
Beware of unrealistic offers.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Unrealistic offers are used to motivate buyers to make hasty decisions.
The best way to complete a transaction is to collect the item and pay at the same time.
Never transfer funds and never use a debit card to pay someone you don't know before cashing in on an item.
Ask for clear information on the status of the item, the price, the payment and the delivery method.
Only use payment methods that you trust and are familiar with.
Never reveal your financial information.
It is recommended to buy items directly from the seller.
In the case of electronics, cars and bicycles, you should test the operation of the item before purchasing.
Check the chassis number of the vehicle.
Third-party services are available that can provide a vehicle's history for theft, damage, and identification purposes.
Look for the comparative prices of the product.

Always meet the seller in person and transfer money only when you are sure the product matches the description included in the listing. Never transfer money in advance and do not pay with an account!
us-free-ad Advertsiter does not provide any payment mechanism and does not protect payments made by users.
To pay attention! You are responsible for the actions you take.

Remember! Never send money to seller's account, donate money or shipping charges for any item. If the seller insists they only ship the item after clearing payment to your account, unsubscribe from this listing and look at other sellers.

Report an ad
Click the flag icon under seller information to report if you believe the ad violates us-free-ad Advertiser Rules.

Report a message
¬°Your safety is important to us! That is why we appreciate your vigilance and inform us of such cases.
If you receive a fraudulent or suspicious message, please contact us.
Our legal department will contact you as soon as possible.

How to detect fraud
Tips for detecting fraud when buying or selling For buyers, pay close attention
The price of the product is strangely low.
Seller requests upfront payment / fees
The seller gives a different location than the one indicated in the advertisement.
The seller cannot meet in a public place, but insists on delivering the item.
The seller requests personal information (bank details, email address, debit / credit card number, etc., or other information that could be misused).
The ad sounds too good to be true!

For sellers, pay special attention when:
Buyer insists on paying by check, western union or moneygram.
The buyer insists on receiving the item before paying for it.
The buyer requests personal information (bank details, email address, debit / credit card number, etc. or other information that could be misused).
What does us-free-ad's advertiser do in the event of fraud?
The us-free-ad advertiser does not intervene in the transactions. Payment completion and all other details are agreed only between buyer and seller. Learn more about security. If you have been the victim of fraud, please contact us.
Our legal department will contact you as soon as possible.

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